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Guys get the goods

June 5th, 2009


To finish out this week which is all about men, here are some guys who would up with some of my clutter:



Megaphone:   Wendy sent this message:

  I can’t believe I never saw this in a store!  I SO would have bought it right away!  Now I can save my vocal chords when I need help from my kids (all 4 of them)!   Here’s my 5 year old LOVING mommy’s new toy!  Thank you again for having Cluttercast. This is the most fun I’ve had in a while!






Expresso set:  won by Ginger, who reports:

I received the espresso cups and immediately delivered them to Syd.
So,a brief song of ‘Happy Birthday” and he was ecstatic… He enjoyed the story of how this all came about, and within minutes he served espresso in the very modern cups. Yes, I was a first guest for espresso!  We are artists and we love to have laughs and this is one great connection! So appreciated.







Golf game:  Mindy won the game and donated it to a charity auction.  Here’s a picture she sent of the happy winner


Golf and Father’s Day

June 3rd, 2009

Although personally I don’t really get it, something about golf really, really gets to guys.   I lose my husband to golf every weekend—either on a real course or on TV.  And I’m not the only one. 

I know where my husband will be spending Father’s Day, just like millions of other dads—–watching the US Open.  And if that includes a dad in your family,  these mugs could be par for the course. 


(Ceramic golf mugs; brand new)

If you would like this item,  please  let me know in a comment.   If you know someone else who might like it, I hope you’ll share this and let them know.

New Cluttercast

car crazy

June 1st, 2009

Yesterday I posted an item for men.  And since Father’s Day is coming, I thought   I’d continue the male theme for the rest of this week.  To prove that clutter—and Cluttercast—are not for women only.

And nothing is more of a guy thing than cars.  At least in my book.    So this book can be yours—if the dad in your life is crazy for cars.


(Brand new large coffee table book)

HOW TO WIN:   If you would like to have this item, please  let me know  in a comment.   If you know someone else who might like it, I hope you’ll share this and let them know.

New Cluttercast