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Catching Up….

September 20th, 2009

While I’ve been procrastinating, my clutter is still circulating….so here’s some catching up—with posts in general and Cluttercatchers in particular:

 mensa game

IQ test:

The kids are back in school and that includes Lilli, whose mom thought she would enjoy the Mensa game.   Lilli and her mom Denys first played at home over the summer—and now Lilli has taken the game back with her— to Harvard.



Speaking of Harvard, which was the setting for “Love Story”, here’s the Cluttercast version:


Girl meets boy while she is studying abroad in the US one summer.  They fall in love.  When summer school ends, their relationship continues although they remain separated by oceans and continents.  In her comment Diane  explains that her boyfriend calls her” bunny“.  So I send him this bunny—and they send back this picture—of the two of them, with bunny—all together in cyberspace.  I love it.


The latest Catchers

September 13th, 2009

IMG_6946Woodstock bagTerri

 This purse is so cute! I’d love it for me and my daughter to share!  She was given some “peace” tie dye t-shirts and a knit cap. This would complete her outfit from that era perfectly even though we’re too young to remember the era, it seems the clothing and style are enjoying a resurgence and as always, what was once old is new again! Peace, man!





Sees Birthday BrittleMarty

Pregnant and live in a Sees-less area of the country. Need I say more? The baby neeeeeeeds some chocolate.




Thanks to everyone who commented—and thanks to everyone for your patience !!!

This Week's Catchers

The problem with procrastination

September 10th, 2009

gym-equipmentIn my case, the problem  is pretty obvious—It’s like working out.    Not that I would compare something fun(cluttercasting) with something NOT fun (exercise) ….I’ll be regular and faithful about working out for months or even years.   But once I start to slip—even just a little bit—-it’s amazing how fast exercise can slide right out of my life.

So I haven’t  abandoned Cluttercast ; I’ve just procrastinated.   And I’ve just gotten into a really great exercise routine –so hopefully it’s contagious.