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Catching Up….

September 20th, 2009

While I’ve been procrastinating, my clutter is still circulating….so here’s some catching up—with posts in general and Cluttercatchers in particular:

 mensa game

IQ test:

The kids are back in school and that includes Lilli, whose mom thought she would enjoy the Mensa game.   Lilli and her mom Denys first played at home over the summer—and now Lilli has taken the game back with her— to Harvard.



Speaking of Harvard, which was the setting for “Love Story”, here’s the Cluttercast version:


Girl meets boy while she is studying abroad in the US one summer.  They fall in love.  When summer school ends, their relationship continues although they remain separated by oceans and continents.  In her comment Diane  explains that her boyfriend calls her” bunny“.  So I send him this bunny—and they send back this picture—of the two of them, with bunny—all together in cyberspace.  I love it.


catching up

July 22nd, 2009

My favorite part of Cluttercast is seeing where all the clutter ends up.  Keep those pictures coming!


This is Anita with Enough Already, the Peter Walsh book on organizing your home.   I’m assuming Anita’s house is now perfectly organized and clear of clutter.  Just like mine.  Ha!!


And below is Taffy with the bright and beautiful Christine Foley sweater.   I feel more cheerful just looking at it, and hope you do too! 



As good as it gets

July 10th, 2009

People always ask why I like cluttercasting.   A picture is worth a thousand words:


 My daughter loves her princesses! She would only take Cinderella out of her purse, though, because she was dressed like her. She takes them with her everywhere. If her face doesn’t show how much she loves them, I’m not sure what will. Thank you so much for making my daughter so happy.

Mary and Samantha


Helen and her friends are having an equally good time with the chocolate fountain.  I can practically taste it from here.

Thanks so much for sending the pictures!


Kids love clutter too!

June 25th, 2009



The creepy crawlers are happily ensconsced in the classroom with Akemi’s twin boys and their pre-school teacher.          Boys will be boys.



Girls are happier with this kind of clutter:    Minnie’s granddaughter very happily adopted Flounder.






And the whole family is happy with their new picture frame —-showing Wendy Brewer’s children.



Special appreciation and thanks to everyone who sends pictures!!!


Guys get the goods

June 5th, 2009


To finish out this week which is all about men, here are some guys who would up with some of my clutter:



Megaphone:   Wendy sent this message:

  I can’t believe I never saw this in a store!  I SO would have bought it right away!  Now I can save my vocal chords when I need help from my kids (all 4 of them)!   Here’s my 5 year old LOVING mommy’s new toy!  Thank you again for having Cluttercast. This is the most fun I’ve had in a while!






Expresso set:  won by Ginger, who reports:

I received the espresso cups and immediately delivered them to Syd.
So,a brief song of ‘Happy Birthday” and he was ecstatic… He enjoyed the story of how this all came about, and within minutes he served espresso in the very modern cups. Yes, I was a first guest for espresso!  We are artists and we love to have laughs and this is one great connection! So appreciated.







Golf game:  Mindy won the game and donated it to a charity auction.  Here’s a picture she sent of the happy winner


Collection of cluttercatchers

May 30th, 2009

It feels great giving clutter to people who are happy to get it .  It’s twice as good—-seeing pictures of Cluttercatchers  giving to someone else:




  Diane gave her mom the watch for Mother’s Day







Barbara gave the apple pin to a very special teacher, Mrs. Lapin.



 And Soldiers….The women of the Knitting Circle in Palm Springs are knitting the yarn from my friend Lynne, making lap robes and helmet liners to give to soldiers.  






Girls and their goodies

May 6th, 2009



Two of my designer bags are in new homes—-with very happy new owners:

The pink Prada went to Monkey’s Momma:

I love my “new” pink Prada bag! I have never owned a designer bag before, and this one is just perfect because it is my favorite color. My husband, the skeptical one, thought it was a joke until my bag came in the mail. My 6 year old son, who already has great taste, keeps telling me, “Mom, I love your new pink purse!”. Thanks so much, Darryle!









 The brown Donald Pliner bag went to  Pundit Mom for her niece.  She’s busy at college but sent back this picture of herself with her new purse—they are both  adorable.





Mary  models her new bracelet ”It’s beautiful and matches the earrings that my husband gave me really well.  So glad to once again have a turquoise bracelet to go with the earrings and replace the one I lost.”







 And here is Astacia’s daughter with a big smile and her nutcracker—one of the first items I gave away when I started the site after New Year’s.  Proof that with Cluttercast,  Christmas can come any time of year.


So glad the girls love their goodies.   And I love when my clutter finds its way into new homes and new hearts.  Thanks for the pictures!


Cluttercatchers: coming home

March 31st, 2009


I LOVE seeing where my clutter ends up finding a new home.     A HUGE thank you to all the people who send pictures.


quilt1Vintage handsewn quilt:

Thanks to everyone who voted,  there’s no doubt that the quilt ended up where it belongs—with Emily and Tyler.   Hope it helps you get settled when you move to Cleveland.








img_1860img_1852Matt Christopher books:

Stimey’s son Sam was really excited to get all the books—maybe the only hard part was choosing which one to read first.









Angel earrings:

They look great on Stacy–and hope they bring you luck! 






Claudia sent this picture of Obama-mania  with some pins I picked up at the inauguration—that went right from Cluttercast to the school auction.  Also check out Anna’s blog to see pictures of what she made from my fabric samples.   She really is All Things Creative.   And Tracey wrote a post to let us know the leather gloves  are in good hands.

  Thanks again for sending pictures–and for inviting everyone (and my clutter) into your homes.


Cluttercatchers: Hello Dolly

March 20th, 2009

Little girls and their dolls—-what can you say?  Except how happy I am that my daughter’s porcelain dolls ended up far from California,  in such good hands .  Gayle’s twin daughters in Washington, D.C. have adopted two of them:


Ruth in Ohio has two new dolls, to replace the porcelain dolls she lost as a child in a fire and never forgot….


And the last doll is with Taffy, who’s giving it to her granddaughter in Texas.


Cluttercatcher: Moo-ving in

March 14th, 2009

img_5133So far Cluttercast has turned up some definite animal lovers.  Linda Brown, who got the duck necklace, is so quack-happy , she drives around with 300 ducks in her car.






Sandy Bouja doesn’t drive around with her cow collection;  she lives with it.  

She thought her home would be the perfect spot for my cow, who was part of a series called Cows on Parade.




Sandy says Daisy fits right in with the rest of the herd, right in front on her green pedestal.







Sandy, you are right about being crazy for cows.   I hope both you—-and Daisy–are udderly happy. 



Cluttercatchers: Is everybody having fun?

February 27th, 2009



I never had the guts to wear the earbags.   Elisa promised she’d wear them to keep warm in New York when she took her son out for walks.   Here’s  the comment she sent along with her picture:

I can’t understand why people kept looking at me when I wore the earbags at the park!


 No guts, no glory.   Love it!!






Silk top:

Terri’s husband  Steve wanted her to have the silk top from Paris because he thought the color and style would look great on her.     He’s right—-and Terri, you’re really  lucky to have a husband with an eye for fashion.    Looking at you and your daughter Peyton, I’m sure Steve knows he’s really lucky, too.









Pogs: Kanani got the pogs to take into her classroom.    School policy doesn’t allow her to photograph the kids, but she says they’re having lots of fun with the pogs.



Golf explosion:

Colton’s mom didn’t even realize he’s been reading Cluttercast every day until he won the exploding golf ball.   Now he can’t wait to try out his practical joke and have some laughs out on the golf course.

Colton, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun– it seems as if all these Cluttercatchers are having fun.     But the truth is,  the person having the most fun with Cluttercast—-is ME!!!


Cluttercatcher: Take my Toad. Please.

February 18th, 2009



When I started my blog last summer,  I felt a little over my head.  I’m kind of clueless limited  when it comes to technology and it’s been a huge effort and a huge education to get up to speed.  Not that I”m up to speed yet. 

But since meeting Matt a few weeks ago I’ve taken a quantum leap.  Leap as in frog.  Or toad.  

Working with him has made a big difference.   Thanks to Matt, I’ve been able to get rid of a huge load.   And also  get rid of a small toad.


Cluttercatcher: Cooper and panda triplets

February 15th, 2009

I’ve had countless –and very close— personal relationships over the years with stuffed animals —my own; my kids’ , the ones my husband won at the county fair—most of them winding up in huge bags donated to charity.

I never got to see where they ultimately landed and who loved them after we did— the way I got to see Cooper fall in love the minute he adopted my daughter’s panda triplets.

Look at those faces. Four great reasons to be cluttercasting.


Cluttercatcher: Couch potatoes?

February 11th, 2009

Cluttercasting has turned out to be fantastic for me in many ways—and getting rid of clutter is the least of it.

Far more rewarding are the connections. And knowing that something of mine will be enjoyed by someone else.

This designer pillow came from my sister-in-law– so it felt like a member of the family. Carol was drawn to the words about boys and their mothers—and you can see why. In her comment she says they’re couch potatoes. I think that’s a stretch, but just looking at Carol with her sons, you know the pillow is in the right place.


Cluttercatcher: Pink and POGS

February 8th, 2009

Turns out Kanani really does love pink in small sizes. Her dog Angel is a perfect fit with the mini-ostrich purse.

Everybody also wanted Kanani to have the pogs, for the kids in her classroom. Which turns out to be incredibly appropriate. Kanani did some research and learned that the whole pogs craze from the 1990′s started with a teacher in Hawaii who wanted to make math more fun. She used the bottle caps from a brand of juice made from Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava—thus, the name POGS. Kanani was actually born in Hawaii–yet another reason she’s the perfect match for the pogs. Hope the kids enjoy them.


Cluttercatcher: Anna O’Reilly

February 2nd, 2009

Now that I’m cluttercasting, my love of shopping in stores or on Ebay has lost some allure.   But I still like to shop for blogs.

After Anna O’Reilly commented on a few of my items, I visited her blog and noticed she shops for fabric remnants. I don’t sew, but just that day I had located some fabric in my clutter.   It was obviously a sign. 

I sent them to Anna,  so she can create something  from my clutter.   Meanwhile  check out the Cluttercast story on Anna’s blog.  You’ll  see that cluttercasting is not just catching.  It’s also connecting.