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Cluttercatcher: Pink Uggs

January 31st, 2009



Lots of people wanted these  brand new pink Uggs .    I sent them across the country to Shannon– because she worked on New Year’s Day to help a total stranger (me) get this blog going for my New Year’s resolution. 

Shannon: I hope you enjoy wearing the Uggs– at least for awhile—It looks as if your adorable daughter already has her eye on them.


Cluttercatcher: Quacker

January 30th, 2009

If you followed the comments,  you know why Linda Brown HAD to get the duck necklace—she’s so duck-happy, she drives around in her car without room for a single passenger—just Linda and hundreds of ducks.

I felt like a lucky duck myself–to find the perfect clutter-catcher for my  necklace.


 Linda loves it .  And she already paid it forward.  


Obviously her car attracts attention and when a little kid came by with his parents, she gave him one of  her ducks.



And she gave me something, too.   She read my blog and found out I love chocolate as much as she loves ducks.  So she brought me some homemade brownies.  Just because.




Cluttercasting.  Rocks. 

So do Linda’s brownies.