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Cluttercast update: Clarity? Closure? Or Clueless?

December 30th, 2009

It’s your call— after you  read what I  just posted on my personal blog:

Are you making  a New Year’s Resolution?


Exactly one year ago, as my New Year’s resolution,  I started my other blog,  Cluttercast.

Every day I posted an item from my clutter, and gave it away to someone who wanted it.

It was a big success—-most of all, for me.   This was the first time in my entire life I successfully kept my New Year’s resolution.

At least for 6  months.

That’s about when I went from cluttercasting daily……to sporadically… rarely.

A year later, I wish I could say I’m out of clutter.   I am out of the habit of cluttercasting it.

And unlike other projects I haven’t finished, this isn’t something I can  hide in a closet or stick in a drawer.   Cluttercast is out there.

And there it sits.  Like the elephant in the living room.  (In fact, I actually cluttercast some elephants!)

Even elephants probably follow Newton’s basic law— an object in motion will stay in motion.

More to the point, an object at rest will stay at rest.

I hate making decisions;   I’ve been struggling over what to do.   New Year’s seems like the perfect deadline to decide:




All of the above?

None of the above?

Or  my friend Myra’s brilliant suggestion—-that I cluttercast Cluttercast.

Meanwhile it’s almost New Year’s—–and I finally made a decision:   This year I’m not making a New Year’s resolution.


Just Checking…..

October 3rd, 2009

….in.   And just checking that you’re still awaiting the return of Cluttercast—which will happen soon.

The problem is clutter….not the clutter in my house, but the clutter in my brain—which is filled with too many other projects, all going on simultaneously.

Lots of people have the same problem;  they handle the overload by being organized.  Then again, if I were organized, I wouldn’t have all this clutter in the first place.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience!


The problem with procrastination

September 10th, 2009

gym-equipmentIn my case, the problem  is pretty obvious—It’s like working out.    Not that I would compare something fun(cluttercasting) with something NOT fun (exercise) ….I’ll be regular and faithful about working out for months or even years.   But once I start to slip—even just a little bit—-it’s amazing how fast exercise can slide right out of my life.

So I haven’t  abandoned Cluttercast ; I’ve just procrastinated.   And I’ve just gotten into a really great exercise routine –so hopefully it’s contagious.


“great minds think alike”

August 22nd, 2009

Bet you noticed—-I’m taking  a break—and haven’t done much cluttercasting lately.

But I’m thinking about it—and just blogged about clutter on my personal blog.   (click to check it out)

Be back soon.


It’s spreading…

August 11th, 2009

Ok so lately I’ve been too lazy busy to post much on Cluttercast. 

Even though it’s pretty easy to do—and fun.  As proof, click here to check out what Kim Moldofsky just cluttercast on her own blog

Then check out the proud winner who just posted his cluttercatch on Twitter. 

And then let me know if you’re ready to try cluttercasting too.


Summertime….and the livin’ is easy….

July 24th, 2009

Summer update from Clutter Central:

I”m heading out of town and I can’t promise Cluttercast will be as reliable as usual over the next couple weeks.    I do promise  I’ll be thinking about Cluttercast and I hope you will too.

I’ll be thinking about expanding— to clutter beyond mine—and I’d love any input.   Part of that change will involve starting to use the Cluttercast forum — and I hope you’ll check it out and  join the community. There’s also a Cluttercast fan page on Facebook—another way to be first to hear news about the latest happening with Cluttercast.

Of course, the usual clutter will be posted here.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!



July 3rd, 2009

Lately I’ve been so busy blogging about birthdays on my other blog, that an important birthday almost slipped by me.   Today I was a guest on a radio show, Connecting Women;   when I was asked when I had started Cluttercast, I realized I almost missed a milestone. 

Cluttercast is 6 months old this week!


Birthdays are especially  important to me since I had cancer—so I’ll make any excuse to eat cake celebrate Cluttercast along with our country’s independence.

Another thing slipped by me this week:  the first Cluttercast by Kim Moldofsky, who has been a big supporter of Cluttercast.  Click here to check out Kim’s Cluttercast .   I hope she’ll do another one soon.

While you enjoy Independence Day— remember our brave soldiers who are serving US all over the world — as we are lucky enough to celebrate our freedom. 



How to tell Mom you love her

April 30th, 2009

I love books in general.  Always have.  And those little books have some kind of special magnetic pull on me.  I can’t stop collecting them.   They’re cute and clever and such a simple way to let someone know you’re thinking about them.   And who better to think about than your mom on Mother’s Day? 

Even if you don’t give your mom a book or a gift or even a card, I hope everyone will find some way to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day, and let her know you love her. 


If you would like this item,  please  let me know in a comment.   If you know someone else who might like it, I hope you’ll share this and let them know.

This item will close at 9 p.m. PST Friday May 1.

Please check Cluttercast Saturday May 2 for list of winners so items can be shipped in time for Mother’s Day.


Clutter update

April 13th, 2009

Anyone who collects clutter knows how it tends to spread out–and now the word is spreading too. As more people hear about Cluttercast, more clutter is beginning to float around the internet. I thought I’d update some of the latest.

Ebay guru Marsha Collier, author of 15 for Dummies books on Ebay, just featured Cluttercast on her weekly radio show. Click hear to listen to our interview.

Lots of bloggers are writing about Cluttercast, and several people have picked up the idea of Cluttercast Fridays, thanks to Krista Colvin. Recently I learned about a new Cluttercaster: Shopping Out Loud, who just listed her first item. And most Fridays, you can find new items at Bunch of Scrap, Organize in Style, and Runako Designs.

I love seeing the Cluttercatchers who end up with my own clutter. There is nothing like seeing the faces of kids when they get something new.


Here is Steve’s son Brendan with his new Matt Christopher books.   

I also loved seeing the reaction of another kid who is Headless Mom’s latest Cluttercatcher–whose mom  wrote a beautiful post about their experience.  Headless Mom was the first person to Cluttercast aside from me.     And I’m excited that my first guest Cluttercast will be posted here tomorrow.


Be our Guest…..Cluttercaster

April 10th, 2009

help_wanted_sign_1You don’t see many Help Wanted signs these days.  Which makes this an especially appropriate time to post it here.   In this ailing economy,  people’s spirits are sinking.   Cluttercasting is an easy way to lift someone else’s spirits—and yours at the same time.

So Cluttercast is looking for Guest Cluttercasters who want to send out some positivity– along with some clutter.    Don’t worry that I’m running out of clutter—NOT EVEN CLOSE.  I’m planning to continue posting as long as people want my stuff.    But I want to expand the concept. 

There is SO MUCH stuff out there,  sitting around in so many homes besides mine.    Cluttercasting is  good for the economy, the environment, good for the soul.

So let me know if you have an item to cluttercast and you don’t have a blog.  Please email me at to list it here. It’s easy to do—and it feels even better to give than to receive.


Cluttercast on the Huffington Post

April 1st, 2009


Since I started Cluttercast, it feels as if clutter is my life.   At least lately. 

I do have a life aside from clutter.  And part of it is blogging for the Huffington Post. 

These two parts of my life combined today—- Cluttercast is featured on the Huffington Post Click here to read it.


Clutter. Awareness. Week???

March 26th, 2009

No kidding,  I heard on Twitter that this is Clutter Awareness Week,  according to Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet.   Hey, I’ll celebrate anything.

So here’s some Clutter(cast) Awareness:

alltop-badgeCluttercast is now  on  Alltop— an “online magazine rack” that is a world of discovery, including all the blogs you could possibly want to find on any subject.  You’ll see Cluttercast on the list of the top deals on the web, under Frugality, and Deals.  Check it out.

The world of cluttercasting is expanding beyond my personal piles of clutter.  Other people have already started cluttercasting on their own blogs.   Krista Colvin, an organizer in Portland, Oregon, met me on Twitter and immediately established every Friday as   Cluttercast day.   We’ll have Krista to thank someday if Cluttercast Friday becomes a national holiday.

I just learned that Emilie is doing the same thing; every Friday on her blog Bunch of Scrap. She already has a Cluttercast Friday Badge.  Which meant that I had to get a badge.  Now I do.  It’s in the sidebar;  please help yourself.

You won’t want a badge if you don’t have a blog.   But you can still cluttercast,  find out who else is cluttercasting, and participate in the community—right here.   That’s the idea behind Cluttercast Forum.  It’s a place where you can connect to other cluttercasters—and Cluttercatchers.   I just joined—and hope you will too.    Also look forward to seeing you on the Cluttercast Facebook page.

Clutter Awareness Week: it might be officially over–but not here.  Not even close.


What’s New on Cluttercast

March 18th, 2009

Cluttercast has a new page on Facebook, where you can meet other supporters of Cluttercast and see what’s happening.    To visit and join our community, click here.


And there something else new:  ClutterBoard– which provides a way to expand Cluttercast– beyond MY clutter to YOURS.

Click here to join the network–and connect to everyone else.  Anyone can cluttercast here, whether or not you have a blog.   Just follow the instructions—and  feel free to post any item you want to cluttercast!



Cluttercast: mosaic earrings and keychain

March 17th, 2009

My passion for mosaics is pretty obvious—you can see it in lots of my art, even in the design of this blog.  

I used to browse all the time–Ebay, garage sales, antique shops– looking for things to put INTO my own mosaics.  Which still doesn’t explain why I bought these beautiful examples of mosaics made in Italy.  I couldn’t put them into my artwork, I knew I wouldn’t wear the earrings, or use the keychain.   I bought them just because… I like mosaics.

 The problem is, I never met a mosaic I DIDN’T like.


If you would like to have this item, please let me know in a comment. If you know someone else who might like it, I hope you’ll share this and let them know.


Sneak Preview: THINK MINK

March 11th, 2009

img031When I started Cluttercast as my New Year’s resolution, I did something  I often do: speak without thinking.  I do this a lot in real life and it’s complicated enough.  In cyberspace, words live forever.

Look over a couple inches to the right sidebar– you’ll see what I mean.  It’s still there—where I mention the mink coat.

I tossed off the mink as an example of “clutter”.   Hardly.

Yet reading this, it certainly sounds as if I’m going to cluttercast a mink coat.   Am I?  Those words have been sitting there; I’ve had time to think about them.  And after two months of cluttercasting, it’s time to THINK MINK.

Because nothing in my life is simple, in order to think mink,  I had to think about some other stuff.  Before the fur starts to fly.   

#1.  THINK FUR:  The mink coat comes from farm-raised animals but it’s still fur, and politically incorrect in many eyes.  Including mine.  That’s why the coat is sitting in my closet, not being worn.  For me, even cluttercasting a fur coat is a political statement of sorts—and I had to decide whether this means I’m supporting something I don’t believe in doing myself.  As I said, nothing is simple.

#2.  THINK FAMILY:  Also not simple.  Family to me includes my former family.  Namely my ex-husband H, who gave me the coat.  Even though I don’t wear it, we’re still friendly and I’d like to stay that way.

The most obvious recipient is my daughter Alli.  A vegetarian since age 12, you’d think I could safely assume she would never wear fur.  Because she says she won’t. 

But I also believed her when she refused to wear leather shoes all through high school.  7 years later, she owns enough UGGS to open a factory outlet.  So if she changed her mind about sheepskin, how do I know she won’t change her mind on mink?   Plus she currently lives in a warm climate; but the army could send her soldier husband to Alaska,  where she could become more fur friendly.

My son could clue her in on the cold, since he’s in college in Wisconsin.  But he says he doesn’t want the mink either.   Which leads me to…

#3.  THINK FRIENDS:  I have lots of friends.  Many of them live in cold climates.  Many of them are not opposed to wearing fur, as I am.  One friend even offered to loan me her mink coat to wear to the inauguration—I didn’t mention I had one sitting in my closet.   

Not only will some friends think I’m crazy to be giving it; they will want a shot at getting it.  Some of my friends don’t even know about Cluttercast yet.  They will now– and I’m sure I’ll hear from them in the days to come.

I’ll be posting the coat soon, and allow plenty of time for comments.  This is just a heads up.    To be sure you stay informed, click here to subscribe.    And THINK MINK.


This week on Cluttercast

March 8th, 2009


VINTAGE QUILT:   All of the reasons for wanting this quilt  are very thoughtful and moving—and thank you to all those who commented.

The quilt is in perfect shape, but I’m still torn—so please help  by voting for one :


My mother in law, Carolyn … has been making quilts with her church group for many years. They give the finished quilts to people in hospitals, hospices, assisted living centers, etc. Over the years she has gained a lot of knowledge about dating quilts based on the fabrics used and the style of the design. She has been teaching me some of her knowledge, so whenever I come across a vintage quilt, I now try to see if I can put an approximate date to it!
I think she would love this quilt for several reasons: first, her love of quilting; second her appreciation of handwork and the lasting memories it makes; and third because of the – as you said so well, Darryle – “home” feeling a quilt can give. I would like her to have it because she has been making quilts for others for so long, it’d be nice for her to have one all her own.
This will be a very popular item, I’m sure. Thanks for reading my comments.


What a beautiful quilt! And what a great idea for cleaning out the clutter! I would love this quilt, but I think my sister would love it more. She has her house decorated with antiques from my grandmother and various other family members. I have made her a quilt a few years ago, but she always wants to take my one antique quilt. This would be a great thing for her to have her own vintage quilt and it would feel great to let her know that I got it for her! She is letting me move in with her while my husband is on deployment for the next 8-12 months and that is a lot to take on. She has her own family to deal with and then is gracious enough to take me in with my 2 dogs. Thank you.


I feel the same way you do about quilts being so homey. I’ve never been able to afford any handmade quilts although I do love them. Around June we will be moving to Cleveland for more family support due to my disability. I am not really happy about moving there, mostly due to the weather, but that’s where we have the most family. In the long run it will wind up being better for my child, and that’s what it’s all about.  A beautiful quilt like this would be a wonderful housewarming gift for me, from someone whom, even though we do not know each other, knows what it’s like to suffer from long term illnesses and knows the sacrifices that must be made because of them. Thank you and be well.



Margaret:   My seven year old already knows he wants to be a scientist. Or an inventor. Or “the kind of doctor who would try to find out more about how babies grow inside their mommies to help people with sick babies.” I definitely see a microsope in his future. I think he’d love to try one out now.  I’ll even clutter cast two things to make up for bringing one one item into the house!

Margaret: I’m going to hold you to that! Please send your address to

Thank you to everyone!!