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September 13th, 2009

IMG_6946Woodstock bagTerri

 This purse is so cute! I’d love it for me and my daughter to share!  She was given some “peace” tie dye t-shirts and a knit cap. This would complete her outfit from that era perfectly even though we’re too young to remember the era, it seems the clothing and style are enjoying a resurgence and as always, what was once old is new again! Peace, man!





Sees Birthday BrittleMarty

Pregnant and live in a Sees-less area of the country. Need I say more? The baby neeeeeeeds some chocolate.




Thanks to everyone who commented—and thanks to everyone for your patience !!!

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

August 9th, 2009

I’m home— and hoping to get back to a more reliable schedule—not just on Cluttercast but for real. 


Swag bagLisa

I wouldn’t have really wanted to go to BlogHer for a number of reasons. Too crowded mainly, but I’m also not really all that sociable in person, and I couldn’t stand to leave my babies that long. :) I’ve been looking longingly at all the swag everyone came back home with though. That part would have been fun.




summer sun hatAnita

 I live in Denver and know that the sun here is especially stronger-you’re closer to the sun so the UV is stronger. I will also be moving to Africa for 6 months in December and am looking for a hat I can wear that will look good on me!





Beading bonanza: Darlene and Shelby 

Darlene: I would love these. I am recovering from surgery and just started beading again.This sure would help keep me from having to buy more just now since I am not working and no money is coming in!I sure hope you consider me

Shelby: My little sister has found a new love for beading and while I was visiting her this summer(we live 5 states apart) we got to make a few things together. It would mean so much to her to know that I’m thinking about her even when I’m not with her and the items you have she needs. Thanks!

I  want to add how much I appreciate the input of commenters like Barbara and Ginger who both suggest that I give items to someone else.  Their thoughts really represent the spirit of Cluttercast, and the best in people in general.  Thanks so much!

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

July 27th, 2009

I’m behind by a few days, so technically these are LAST week’s catchers.

img_6371Frank McCourt, Teacher man: Maria, Ruth Grunberg, Helen Jo Morse

Two of the 3 commenters offered to trade or cluttercast this audiotape after listening to it.  So I’m taking you up on your offer— and trying a little experiment: a 3-way swap.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how it turns out—too bad this strategy doesn’t work with everything!

img_6657Sunglasses: Jessica

I was going to buy a pair just like this in the near future. I love them!

Winners : please send mailing address to Thanks to everyone who commented.

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

July 19th, 2009


So many knitters.  So many causes.  So many gifts.   So many babies. 



Luckily Lynne gave me enough to have more than one winner.  Keep watching for more yarn coming soon. 

Yarn encore:

Winners:    Beth W.,  April,  Tim Considine,  Marla Schulman 




Summer savings

  Winner: Ruth Grunberg

 This is the perfect item to put in our local women’s shelter. Women and children arrive sometimes with just the clothing on their backs. A little makeup would give a woman a sense of home and a little bit of self esteem as they try to rearrange and take control of their lives.


 Thanks to everyone who commented this week!

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

July 11th, 2009


img_5461White House M & M’s: Anar Simpson

My daughter Kat, would love to give this to her neurosurgeon @Stanford University Dr. Edwards. who is a lover of M&Ms. After her surgery last September, Kat was interested in this area of medicine and she is spending time in the neurosurgery area this summer. It would be a super way to say thank you to a world-class surgeon…



Audiobooks:  Rebecca Wilkins and Maria
Rebecca:  I spend quite a bit of time on the road for work and books are a wonderful way to pass the time. And, like paper books, books on tape can be passed along after they are used. I would love them.
Maria: I am having major surgery soon and will be unable to do much for several weeks as I recover. These would help keep me sane, as I twiddle my thumbs, waiting to heal.

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

July 4th, 2009

img_45681Courage bracelet: Shelli

I am in the middle of my last IVF cycle (with help from an egg donor). This is my last chance to complete my family, and I am so worried that this could be the end of mine and my husband’s dream.





IQ Test: Denys

I would love to give this to my daughter who a junior in college. She has loved games of this sort from a very early age. When we would go to the store to pick out toys for a trip, she would pick math and word puzzles. She and her friends would enjoy challenging each other with these.

I don’t usually know the people who ask for my clutter.  I do know Denys.  But that’s  not the only reason I chose to give her the IQ test.  I also know her daughter.  And although Denys didn’t mention it, I love the idea that my IQ test will end up at Harvard.

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

June 28th, 2009

June is the most popular month for weddings, and appropriately,this week is all-white:

img_6204White scarf:  Ruth

 When I received the e-mail and I saw this scarf, I fell in love with it. I wear scarfs all the time and they are my signature piece of clothing . Even though I am well past the bride stage of life I would love to receive and own this scarf.




White top: Vicki

 The only thing I REALLY miss (having moved from Carmel to Ashland 5 years ago) is the summer drives down to Big Sur in my little blue convertible with the top down and Reggae blasting on the cassette player…. I was on pins and needles when Big Sur/Tassajara (almost) burned and read every blog, daily….I would love your Big Sur shirt and am so pleased (& not surprised) about your observation that Big Sur maintains it’s flavor/authenticity.

Hope you both enjoy your white winnings—please send your mailing address to:

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

June 20th, 2009

Summer officially begins:


Beach bag: Bonnie Walsh

Last year I would take my 2 year old grandaughter to the swimming pool and then stuff any of her wet toys into my bag. Then last week I discovered my bag hanging in my storage closet had mildew in the bottom of it.  My birthday is July 7th and what a wonderful useful present this would be




Bunny: Diana Gasca
Hahah, this is perfect for me. I know is a little corny but my Boyfriend has always called me “bunny”, we met during the summer 08 while I was working for Clemson U. Now I´m back in my home country and he´s in VA doing his PhD. I´d love to surprise him with this.
(Diana: Love your comment and can’t wait to hear what your boyfriend thinks!!   Maybe you can convince him to send a picture with his new “bunny.”)

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

June 12th, 2009

We’re off  men this week and onto kids and pets.


Teenager plaque:  Melinda

I have 3 boys aged 20, 17, and 15 and they know absolutely everything about everything and I know very little.






Pirate party: Diane

My son’s birthday is coming up at the end of this month, and it would be great to have a Pirate theme. He is a big Pirate fan! He has everything from Pirate’s costume for Halloween to everyday Pirate toys… He would especially love the parrot. It is ironic because my boys’ school are also the Pirates. GO PIRATES!!




Canine collarMaureen

Rocky would be thrilled to have a new collar. His is about 3 years old and its  a Harley Davidson..  I think Rocky would rather wear that cute collar since he rides around in a MIniVan.. not on the back of a Harley.



Thank you to everyone who commented!  Winners please email your shipping address to: Cluttercast@gmail. com.

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

June 6th, 2009

Hopefully this week’s clutter will make great gifts for Father’s Day!

img_6368Jacket: Celinda

I would love this jacket, its so my hubby’s style!!! This would make a great father’s day gift.





Book on cars:Chelsea

My husband loves cars…this would be a great gift for him! Thanks!






golf mugs:Linda Brown

One of the Guys I work with … is in the Hospital… I’m sure one of these Mugs would cheer him up.
I know he can’t wait to get back on the course.



Thank you to everyone who commented.

Winners please send your mailing address to:

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

May 30th, 2009

img_6251Peter Walsh book: Anita Burnham

I have been on a de-cluttering spree, but I’m not sure where to go from here! I have a small house and need to get rid of more (I think) but do not want to at the moment-maybe this book will let me know what to get rid of-hopefully!




Princess Power: Mary

I would love these for my almost 3 year old daughter, but not near as much as she would love them! She is our only girl and has three older brothers. Everything she owns is either pink or sparkly, and her favorite is dressing in a pink fluffy dress…If we won these toys, they would not only be a blessing, but they would not likely leave her purse.



Up-side down: Diane, Michelle

Diane:I would love the 52 relaxing rituals. I always say that it is important to take time for yourself and this would give me some more ideas how to. I work with special needs children and it a very rewarding job but many times can be really hard too.

Michelle: I would love these cards! I am the principal of an Adult Ed Corrections program in a SF Bay Area County Jail. This is sometimes a trying teaching position and to be able to uplift a tired teacher with a little card in their mailbox at the end of the day would be terrific!

Thank you to everyone who commented!! 

Winners: please send your mailing address to

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

May 23rd, 2009


Thank you to everyone who commented!!

Choosing a winner a second time is as hard as the first.  So computerized random selection is the way to go.    It chose:

HP Printer: Amy P

“…oh my goodness I need a printer sooo bad…”



Anthropologie top: Loretta

 Yeah, congratulations! I am a 9 year survivor and have received positive reports about my cancer so far.
I would love to have your Brown Baby Doll top. It’s just my size too.





Creature feature: Akemi/SV twin Mom

I would love to include these creepy critters in the end-of-year basket I’m putting together for my twins’ preschool teacher. She’s always trolling garage sales for fun things to use in her cash strapped California classroom and would be most appreciative.



Thank you again for your comments and support of Cluttercast.  Winners please send your mailing address to :

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

May 16th, 2009

img_6071Jewelry boxes: One to Minnie, one to Dee

 Minnie:  My sister has been a head start teacher for 20 plus years now.  Whenever our government makes cutbacks on the head start program, she takes a volunteer pay cut instead of leaving.  When the summer unemployment for teachers was taken away from the head start teachers in her area, she still volunteers her time at the center all summer….she has always bought and paid for art and craft materials out of her own pocket, so these children do not miss out…  

NOTE TO DEE: Special thanks for Cluttercasting on your own blog


Apple pin: Barbara

I’d like to give this as a gift to Mrs. Chanie Lapin from our synagogue in San Jose. She worked really hard to run our day school for 15 years, putting up with a lot of criticism & lack of funding.  She deserves way more than this, but it’s a start.

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers and Unclaimed Clutter

May 9th, 2009

There’s just one Catcher this week (and I’m in catch-up mode )

img_5652Wedgewood expresso set:  Ginger Lee

OMG! The cups would be just the thing for my friend and neighbor, Syd.  For his birthday, he received an espresso machine-and he has only one espresso cup to his name. These five cups would mean he can share coffee with guests, in style.

 Ginger:  I’m sending this on one condition: that you are the first guest Syd invites and that you send back a picture!



Bright and bold sweater:

I’m surprised no one asked for this—it is beautiful for someone bold enough to wear it. 



I’m adding it to UNCLAIMED CLUTTER, where it will show up sometime in the future. 

Below are some other things that fall into that category.  These items are still up for grabs; first comment,  first served. 



 Time Traveler:

  still ticking


 Rising crafts:

Still available: Nadera doll, handmade by widows in Afghanistan

Tiny beaded pig keychain: from Zimbabwe



 Mystery tool: 

Thanks to Cluttercast readers,  mystery is now solved.


  If you would like to have any of the unclaimed clutter,  please  let me know in a comment.   If you know someone else who might like it, I hope you’ll share this and let them know.

This Week's Catchers, Unclaimed Clutter

This Week’s Catchers: Mother’s Day

May 2nd, 2009


Time for Mothers: Diane

I have no money to buy my mother anything due to my current situation trying to survive, pay my bills, and take care of my kids. …… I would like to give her something she could wear and think about me in a good way instead of worring about me or how she can help me and my boys.




Pearls of Wisdom:  Amy P

These are beautiful.  I would love them.




Thanks to everyone for your comments.  I’ve been traveling this week, just got home and wasn’t able to respond to comments earlier.   Winners please send addresses to

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

April 24th, 2009

 Be sure to check Cluttercast every Saturday– which is the day winners will be posted from now on.   Just part of my ongoing effort to get organized.  Here are the results for this week:



 Food to Live ByDawn

 Living in Iowa I have grown up “green”… we still have a garden and with 2 little kids at home and a third on the way I know this tradition will carry on. We have also switched to re-usable grocery bags, CFL bulbs and recycle, recycle, recycle! My wish is that my girls will learn the importance of Earth Day every day and will pass those values on to their own children.


Junk Mail planter: Nicole Peltonn

I have loved so much that you’ve put up, but want to declutter my own place. This, however, I would love. We’re renting and the landscaping is pleasing but not very unique or exciting. I’ve decided to put out some flowers in planters so then we can take them with us. I’d love to have something like this to put out front (away from the puppies). 


img_5968Unisex copper bracelet: C. Otter

“… the copper bracelet may be just what I need to help me recover from a shingles episode that started last June. “

I hope it works!




Earth Day t-shirt: Terri

My daughter, 8, is in Brownie girl scouts, and  her troop 60270 will be digging in the dirt and planting trees and seeds at a horse ranch.  Our family recycles every day and offers items for free for others to reuse. We live among a forest, and have planted native vines and bushes in our yard and are tilling an old vegetable garden to get ready for our own vegetable garden.

This would be perfect for you or your daughter  to wear while planting your own vegetable garden!

This Week's Catchers