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This week’s Catchers

April 19th, 2009


img_6040Calling all kids:   Wendy Brewer   

 OMG. Please, please, please. Please! I have 4 kids and my house is the kid hangout for all of their friends….  I would be your humble servant if you would pick me.  This is the “Brewer crew.”  (one of the kids is my nephew.) Don’t let their cute smiles fool you. The baby (who is 5 now) is the only one who somewhat listens to me…..  Oh Gawd, please pick me for this!!!


How could I turn down Wendy’s desperate comment and these faces?







Knitters Get your needles ready: Gini, Loretta, Martha,  Angela  (please read below)

I’m not sure who belongs to the Knitter’s Circle—so please let me know.  I’d like to send the yarn to knit for the USO—this project sounds close to my heart since my son-in-law is headed to Iraq for his second deployment.  I’ll also send some  to Angela  for Project Linus.   



Under the sea and Under the C(clutter): Darlene and Minnie

Since both of you want these for your granddaughters,  you can each have one.  Whoever contacts me first gets to choose her character.



Thanks to everyone who commented!   Winners: please email with your address.

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

April 12th, 2009

Wow.  The HP printer was the most popular item ever on Cluttercast: with 76 comments.

That means more people are discovering Cluttercast.   It also means it’s even harder to decide who wins.  So starting  soon, watch for specific information with each new item regarding how winners for that item will be chosen.

Meanwhile I went with random drawings again this week to save my sanity. Here goes:

img_6035Peter Walsh organizing system: Melanie

I took a break from trying to cage the clutter here to read your blog–we could use lots of help around here…



HP Compact photo printer: Toni Chase

 I have thousand of pictures hidden in my computer somewhere, this printer would sure come in handy! I could actually PRINT my pictures and maybe put them in an album! What a thought!




Pretty as a picture:  I thought I would split them up:

One frame to Sassypants Wifey

One frame to Beth

One frame to Wendy Brewer

(if you have a preference please let me know)

I really wish I could send something to everyone, every week.    Keep reading for new items every week, and thank you for supporting Cluttercast.

(Winners: please email your address to

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

April 4th, 2009


Prada: Pretty in Pink 

Thanks to Cluttercast, it’s not hard anymore to let go of something;   the hard part is CHOOSING where to send it.    For the pink Prada bag, that meant either staying up all night agonizing or picking out of a hat.  

 So I chose sleep.  And I chose Monkey’s  Momma (out of a  hat  non-Prada bag) :   ”Pink is my favorite color! I would LOVE to have this purse!! Thanks for the chance to win!”

Obviously the random method has its benefits—-and its drawbacks—and I’m open to suggestions or feedback.


Delicate dishes from Japan:

Susan Laves:  I think that my mother would love them for mother’s day. When I was a small child, we lived for a time in Japan and I think that she would enjoy them.



The Peter Walsh organizing system is still open.   Meanwhile I guess no one’s interested in seeing her husband in a pair of tight baseball pants….. 

Thanks to everyone for commenting and reading!!  

Winners please send address to

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

March 28th, 2009

img_5735Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 

Anne Brown and Linda Kaserman–I’ll send each of you a couple shirts, so everybody gets to ….enjoy the massacre…??





Chocolate fountain:

 Some serious chocoholics out there.   Tossed the names into an empty can of Sees’ chocolate almonds.   And the fountain goes to…. Helen H.  ( I wonder if the ”H” stands for Hersheys.)  






Krista Colvin ????   A professional organizer and she WANTS MY CLUTTER????

I thought she was kidding.   After all, Krista is cluttercasting every week.    She’s tough on clutter.  Turns out she’s got a soft spot—-for Edelweiss….      





BCBG Sparkly Sweater:

 Also tossed these names into the candy jar.  So much easier making decisions this way!   The sweater goes to Ashley, hope it works for you!




Miraval tote bag:

Liz:  because it’s not  just a tote bag but an attitude:  Life in Balance.


 Remember to visit the Cluttercast Forum.  Join to connect with other cluttercasters—  Emilie just posted some jewelry she’s cluttercasting this week.  Check it out.

If your name is above and you won something, please send your address to  Winners have one week to send an address—-after that, the item goes into Unclaimed Clutter and someone else will get a chance at it.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and support of Cluttercast.

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

March 22nd, 2009


 Harley Davidson:   Lisa Love

I ride a Harley…. I would  give it to my mom for her 60th birthday coming up in May…she also rides a Harley.





Matt Christopher books:  

Stimey:  I try so hard not to comment here, because I’m also trying very hard to declutter, but this…this I cannot pass up. My 7-year-old reads everything in sight. He would love these. Then they would be passed down to my 5-year-old and eventually my 3-year-old. Plus, I’m trying to increase their interest in actual (non video game) outdoor sports, so these would be perfect!

Steve: Since I was laid off last August, we had to pull our son out of preschool, so he is home with us all day now…most of the books we have in the house are girl themes like fairies that are his older sister’s hand-me-downs, the Matt Christopher books would give our son something he could identify with. 



Mosaic earrings and keychain:

DarleneThese are beautiful! If they haven’t found a home, I would love to have them…


Prom dress:

Sandy: The City of San Jose has a program where they collect new or slightly worn prom dresses for low income students so that they can go to their prom. I would be thrilled to give them this dress.


Thank you to everyone who commented.  If your name is above, please send your address to:

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s catchers

March 14th, 2009

Lots of clutter will go out this week;  here’s who’s getting it:



Rosemary My dearest friend’s favorite movie is Love Story…. We have been friends since we were 5.  She had a horrible 2008. ..  I think these would be a great “surprise” to receive as a … gift from her dearest friend of 32 years. 

Mary HamOne year… I was given a present from my husband of beautiful turquoise earrings and bracelet. Unfortunately the clasp came undone on the bracelet and I lost it. The bracelet would go wonderfully with the earrings my husband gave me but it wouldn’t replace the thought or love he put into it.

Jann: My sister-in-law is part Native American, and I’d love to share these with her. She lives in Nevada…away from the “family”. Maybe these will let her know we still love her.

One bracelet to each of the above– one pair of gloves to each of the following 3:

img_5741 Italian leather gloves:

 Nerissa:  I was in the Navy stationed in Sicily and had bought a beautiful pair of Italian leather gloves while living there.  I let my inner child get the best of me playing in the snow with my kids a few years ago and I completely ruined them . Now who knows if I will ever get to travel back to Italy to find another  pair.

Anna: I’ve been looking long and hard for a beautiful set of leather gloves. I would cherish these for many years.

Tracey: I would love to have a pair for my sister. Her birthday is in April.


Embroidered Greek gown:

Shannon:  I have no need for this, but it is beautiful. I would love to have it!





 Tootsie pops:

Danielle:  Pop art like this is great for photography. I am aspiring to be a professional photographer, and I find that using familiar symbols, like these tootsie pops, in an usual setting really captures people’s attention. It’s hard to find examples of this naturally, and these could really help me in a photo essay that would develop that idea, and help me gain photographic skill. I’ll even email you the finished photos.



Handknit sweater:

Miranda:  I love unique clothing and would love to wear this  in the winter.



I’m sending these items to the first people who asked.  Thank you to everyone who commented.



Chinese killer whales:  Terri 




Angel earrings: Stacy






 Golf game:  Mindy





Rising crafts seed necklace: Heather




If you won an item, please email your address to

Thank you to everyone who commented.

This Week's Catchers

This week’s catchers

March 1st, 2009

img_5437Red Hat:

My friend Eleanor has always been famous for her hats. She has a hat for every occasion. . I think that this red hat would be the perfect gift to Eleanor, at the best possible time in her life.  .. I will also get some pictures to share with everyone, to show you the “Many Hats of Eleanor”. … She is such a HOOT in her hats!! Bargain Mom



img_53961Porcelain dolls

When I was a child age 11 I lost my Father, then a year later our home burned to the ground and we lost everything. ..Even though I had several dolls that I cherished  that isn’t what i grabbed to take out of the house… I grabbed my Father’s jacket and several of his guns. You think you know how you will react to a situation, but  when a stressful incident happens there is something in the back of your mind that takes over. I have never gotten over the loss of my dolls, even though I am now in my 60’s…  RUTH

I have 4-year old twins who each have a porcelain doll. They love them and treat them very gently…. I am sure the girls would love, and treat well, these dolls!  GAYLE

When my first granddaughter was born I started giving her porcelain dolls every year on her birthday, she is turning 8 this year, i would love to give these to her this year.  TAFFY 

 I planned to split up the dolls and give each person one, and then I found two more!  So I’m sending one for each of Gayle’s twins, one for Taffy’s granddaughter, and two for Ruth. 

img_5532Cigar box:

Despite my many pleas, my husband is a committed cigar lover and smoker. He also is a collector of “wee” objects and I think he would love this… I collect gifts throughout the year to give to the family at the holidays…I have four children,  and we celebrate both Hanukkah…Christmas too. .. the porcelain cigar box would be the first gift  for the next holiday season. A perfect celebration of my husband’s addiction because he’s been so patient and generous with mine.  ANDI     (who is from my high school graduating class at Beach High!)


Donald Pliner bag:

I have a niece who would ADORE this!  Pundit Mom




img_55251Fish Pin

I would love to have this fish pin to amuse my grandson(age 5).  He is a Pisces and loves to swim so I always call him my little fish, I love the colors too since I love jeans and turquoise! ~Julie

Cluttercatchers: Please send your mailing address to: and I’ll ship your item this week. 

Thanks to everyone who commented!!

This Week's Catchers

This Week’s Catchers

February 22nd, 2009

Every Sunday from now on, I’ll post results of that week’s items.  

wedding album

Wedding album and frame:

Brenda: I happen to know the perfect young lady for it: Donna, my co-worker. She just announced her engagement today, and she is RADIANT with happiness. Donna is a wonderful person who works to help people with disabilities. She would be so happy to receive this gift.

This was intended as a wedding gift for my ex-husband, so I feel it’s most appropriate to send as a wedding gift for Donna, who just got engaged.



 Cow on parade:

Sandy Bouja:  I want this cow as you can tell from my e-mail address! I have hundreds of cows but don’t have this one! My family thinks it’s gotten out of hand, but I don’t. Every room in my house is decorated with cows, my Golden Retreiver was a cow for Halloween and of course, so was I! I would be so happy to take this cow off your hands!   I love this website! And good for you for getting rid of your clutter. I’ve been working on that lately, too! But not my cows. I love Cows on Parade and don’t have this one. I would give it a revered spot on the shelf with the others. I would feel honored to relieve you of this cow!

I wish I had more cows.  I’d like to give Anna a cow as a reminder of Wisconsin, your home state.  But I think the cow would feel most at “home” with Sandy and all her other bovine friends.  Now we all want to see how your cow collection compares with all the ducks.

  exploding golf ball

Golf explosion:

Coltonhey I am Colton.I am 10 years old.I love to play golf with my uncle is a photographer he takes pictures of tiger woods and other players.I love to pull pranks and I laugh hysterically at jokes one time I laughed for 1 and a half hours straight.So I hope I get it.

Colton: You are the perfect cluttercatcher for this golf ball.  I hope you’ll laugh for at least an hour or two after you watch it explode.


great american lodges

Great American Lodges:

Marilee: I would be interested in having this package. Joe and I have an interest in the great lodges at the National Parks and hope to visit more of them in the future. We had a wonderful DVD about them and a lovely National Park book which was lost in the fire. I also do a project in my classroom about the parks. Also…you would not have to mail it. It would be fun to pick it up and actually see you in person.

I’m giving this to Marilee  in person.  She was my son’s 3rd grade teacher, is now a friend, and without Cluttercast I would never have known she would be happy to get this book.   I’m even happier to give it.


 chinese silk jacket

Chinese silk jacket

Mary: I’d love to have your chinese jacket! It’s the most wonderful shade, most of my clothes are blue, and my eyes are dark blue (extra points for color coordination?)! Give it to me & I’ll send a photo.   Also, I haven’t had a Chinese jacket since a sinophile phase I went through in grade school (jacket, slippers, birthday lunch @ China Row on Cannery Row, making Chinese figurines in ceramics class, reading books set in China …). With your jacket I could relive my youth – how’s that for a reason?!

Mary: I hope you’ll enjoy wearing this jacket and  maybe you’ll have a second Sino-phile phase.   Please check the measurements posted to be sure it’s a size that will fit.




Gold ring with diamonds:

Brenda: I would like to give this ring to my mom, who never asks for anything and gives so much to others. She endured an abusive, sociopathic first husband. Then, she held several jobs to support 4 kids; she always sacrificed for us, and she continues to give everything she has to others. She never asks for anything in return. She is battling bladder cancer and still continues to care for her grandson. Quite simply, I love my mom, and I want her to have something elegant that she can treasure.

Thank you to everyone who voted—you decided that Brenda should have the ring for her mom.

 Cluttercatchers: Please email your address to me at .  Thank you to everyone who commented.

This Week's Catchers