Clutter update

April 13th, 2009

Anyone who collects clutter knows how it tends to spread out–and now the word is spreading too. As more people hear about Cluttercast, more clutter is beginning to float around the internet. I thought I’d update some of the latest.

Ebay guru Marsha Collier, author of 15 for Dummies books on Ebay, just featured Cluttercast on her weekly radio show. Click hear to listen to our interview.

Lots of bloggers are writing about Cluttercast, and several people have picked up the idea of Cluttercast Fridays, thanks to Krista Colvin. Recently I learned about a new Cluttercaster: Shopping Out Loud, who just listed her first item. And most Fridays, you can find new items at Bunch of Scrap, Organize in Style, and Runako Designs.

I love seeing the Cluttercatchers who end up with my own clutter. There is nothing like seeing the faces of kids when they get something new.


Here is Steve’s son Brendan with his new Matt Christopher books.   

I also loved seeing the reaction of another kid who is Headless Mom’s latest Cluttercatcher–whose mom  wrote a beautiful post about their experience.  Headless Mom was the first person to Cluttercast aside from me.     And I’m excited that my first guest Cluttercast will be posted here tomorrow.

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  1. April 16th, 2009 at 16:54 | #1

    Thanks to Dee from Runako Designs for tipping me to this interesting site.


  1. April 14th, 2009 at 12:05 | #1