Why are you doing this?

I keep procrastinating. If I don’t do this now, my kids would have to do it someday.

Don’t your kids want your stuff?
I’m not getting rid of everything I own, just the overflow.  My kids are happy I’m doing this after living with my clutter all their lives.

Is there a catch?
No catch. Just one request: if I give you something, please send an email and picture to DarryleP@gmail.com after you receive it.

Why don’t you give everything to charity?
Most of my stuff WILL go to charity, as it always does. But I would like some things to find their way to people who will love and appreciate them.

How does Cluttercast  compare to charity?

Cluttercast is a completely new concept:  NOT charity, NOT donations.  It could be considered philanthropy:  because it’s a way to GIVE.   A cluttercaster gives away something they no longer need or use.   A cluttercatcher wants something you don’t want anymore.    You can be both a cluttercaster and a cluttercatcher at the same time.

Why would I want to cluttercast?

For people who hang onto their clutter, knowing it’s going to a specific person can make it easier to let go.     Whether you know the person who gets your item or not,  there is a connection.   It feels good.   A commenter describes it as: a great way to spread a little positivity out into the universe.”

Why don’t you sell things?
I had a garage sale once and my husband said he’d divorce me if I ever did it again.  I have sold things on Ebay in the past and probably will again someday.  That’s not what this blog is about. I feel very lucky and this feels like the right thing to do right now.

How will you decide who gets something?
I’ll go with my gut.  If something is in great demand, I’ll narrow it down and let you vote.

How can I contact you?
Email: darrylep@gmail.com
Twitter: @DarryleP
Blog: I Never Signed Up For This…

Want to learn more about how to Cluttercast? It’s easy to become a cluttercaster.

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  1. anet
    January 7th, 2009 at 21:00 | #1

    garage sale! yeah, husbands don’t like those.
    I had one and my husband finally came down at the tail end…he would carry stuff to someone’s car, and pack in a little extra stuff that hadn’t sold you. so maybe they bought a toaster and got a few bowls with it (he wouldn’t tell them, he’d just pack it in their car along w/ the purchased item! great for getting rid of stuff (less to take to goodwill!)


  2. August 12th, 2009 at 06:13 | #2

    I love garage sales I even started my own garage sale website: http://www.garagesalestracker.com to help do my de-cluttering part in society!


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