summer scarf

June 22nd, 2009

Because it’s officially the start of summer.   Because it’s sheer and light and white.  Because it’s too pretty to sit in a drawer.   Because it’s June, and because even though it’s not a veil, it reminds me of something a bride would wear.  Which is why this feels like the right time for this scarf.      


(hand-detailed scarf, never worn, length 75″)

If you would like to have this item, please  let me know in a comment.   If you know someone else who might like it, I hope you’ll share this and let them know.

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  1. June 22nd, 2009 at 06:10 | #1

    I love this scarf. beautiful


  2. Ruth
    June 22nd, 2009 at 18:31 | #2

    When I received the e-mail and I saw this scarf, I fell in love with it. I wear scarfs all the time and they are my signature piece of clothing . Even though I am well past the bride stage of life I would love to receive and own this scarf.


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