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img_6251Peter Walsh book: Anita Burnham

I have been on a de-cluttering spree, but I’m not sure where to go from here! I have a small house and need to get rid of more (I think) but do not want to at the moment-maybe this book will let me know what to get rid of-hopefully!




Princess Power: Mary

I would love these for my almost 3 year old daughter, but not near as much as she would love them! She is our only girl and has three older brothers. Everything she owns is either pink or sparkly, and her favorite is dressing in a pink fluffy dress…If we won these toys, they would not only be a blessing, but they would not likely leave her purse.



Up-side down: Diane, Michelle

Diane:I would love the 52 relaxing rituals. I always say that it is important to take time for yourself and this would give me some more ideas how to. I work with special needs children and it a very rewarding job but many times can be really hard too.

Michelle: I would love these cards! I am the principal of an Adult Ed Corrections program in a SF Bay Area County Jail. This is sometimes a trying teaching position and to be able to uplift a tired teacher with a little card in their mailbox at the end of the day would be terrific!

Thank you to everyone who commented!! 

Winners: please send your mailing address to

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