This week’s catchers

img_45681Courage bracelet: Shelli

I am in the middle of my last IVF cycle (with help from an egg donor). This is my last chance to complete my family, and I am so worried that this could be the end of mine and my husband’s dream.





IQ Test: Denys

I would love to give this to my daughter who a junior in college. She has loved games of this sort from a very early age. When we would go to the store to pick out toys for a trip, she would pick math and word puzzles. She and her friends would enjoy challenging each other with these.

I don’t usually know the people who ask for my clutter.  I do know Denys.  But that’s  not the only reason I chose to give her the IQ test.  I also know her daughter.  And although Denys didn’t mention it, I love the idea that my IQ test will end up at Harvard.

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