This Week’s Catchers

March 22nd, 2009


 Harley Davidson:   Lisa Love

I ride a Harley…. I would  give it to my mom for her 60th birthday coming up in May…she also rides a Harley.





Matt Christopher books:  

Stimey:  I try so hard not to comment here, because I’m also trying very hard to declutter, but this…this I cannot pass up. My 7-year-old reads everything in sight. He would love these. Then they would be passed down to my 5-year-old and eventually my 3-year-old. Plus, I’m trying to increase their interest in actual (non video game) outdoor sports, so these would be perfect!

Steve: Since I was laid off last August, we had to pull our son out of preschool, so he is home with us all day now…most of the books we have in the house are girl themes like fairies that are his older sister’s hand-me-downs, the Matt Christopher books would give our son something he could identify with. 



Mosaic earrings and keychain:

DarleneThese are beautiful! If they haven’t found a home, I would love to have them…


Prom dress:

Sandy: The City of San Jose has a program where they collect new or slightly worn prom dresses for low income students so that they can go to their prom. I would be thrilled to give them this dress.


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