This Week’s Catchers

March 28th, 2009

img_5735Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 

Anne Brown and Linda Kaserman–I’ll send each of you a couple shirts, so everybody gets to ….enjoy the massacre…??





Chocolate fountain:

 Some serious chocoholics out there.   Tossed the names into an empty can of Sees’ chocolate almonds.   And the fountain goes to…. Helen H.  ( I wonder if the ”H” stands for Hersheys.)  






Krista Colvin ????   A professional organizer and she WANTS MY CLUTTER????

I thought she was kidding.   After all, Krista is cluttercasting every week.    She’s tough on clutter.  Turns out she’s got a soft spot—-for Edelweiss….      





BCBG Sparkly Sweater:

 Also tossed these names into the candy jar.  So much easier making decisions this way!   The sweater goes to Ashley, hope it works for you!




Miraval tote bag:

Liz:  because it’s not  just a tote bag but an attitude:  Life in Balance.


 Remember to visit the Cluttercast Forum.  Join to connect with other cluttercasters—  Emilie just posted some jewelry she’s cluttercasting this week.  Check it out.

If your name is above and you won something, please send your address to  Winners have one week to send an address—-after that, the item goes into Unclaimed Clutter and someone else will get a chance at it.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and support of Cluttercast.

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