This Week’s Catchers

April 12th, 2009

Wow.  The HP printer was the most popular item ever on Cluttercast: with 76 comments.

That means more people are discovering Cluttercast.   It also means it’s even harder to decide who wins.  So starting  soon, watch for specific information with each new item regarding how winners for that item will be chosen.

Meanwhile I went with random drawings again this week to save my sanity. Here goes:

img_6035Peter Walsh organizing system: Melanie

I took a break from trying to cage the clutter here to read your blog–we could use lots of help around here…



HP Compact photo printer: Toni Chase

 I have thousand of pictures hidden in my computer somewhere, this printer would sure come in handy! I could actually PRINT my pictures and maybe put them in an album! What a thought!




Pretty as a picture:  I thought I would split them up:

One frame to Sassypants Wifey

One frame to Beth

One frame to Wendy Brewer

(if you have a preference please let me know)

I really wish I could send something to everyone, every week.    Keep reading for new items every week, and thank you for supporting Cluttercast.

(Winners: please email your address to

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