This week’s Catchers

April 19th, 2009


img_6040Calling all kids:   Wendy Brewer   

 OMG. Please, please, please. Please! I have 4 kids and my house is the kid hangout for all of their friends….  I would be your humble servant if you would pick me.  This is the “Brewer crew.”  (one of the kids is my nephew.) Don’t let their cute smiles fool you. The baby (who is 5 now) is the only one who somewhat listens to me…..  Oh Gawd, please pick me for this!!!


How could I turn down Wendy’s desperate comment and these faces?







Knitters Get your needles ready: Gini, Loretta, Martha,  Angela  (please read below)

I’m not sure who belongs to the Knitter’s Circle—so please let me know.  I’d like to send the yarn to knit for the USO—this project sounds close to my heart since my son-in-law is headed to Iraq for his second deployment.  I’ll also send some  to Angela  for Project Linus.   



Under the sea and Under the C(clutter): Darlene and Minnie

Since both of you want these for your granddaughters,  you can each have one.  Whoever contacts me first gets to choose her character.



Thanks to everyone who commented!   Winners: please email with your address.

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