This Week’s Catchers

February 22nd, 2009

Every Sunday from now on, I’ll post results of that week’s items.  

wedding album

Wedding album and frame:

Brenda: I happen to know the perfect young lady for it: Donna, my co-worker. She just announced her engagement today, and she is RADIANT with happiness. Donna is a wonderful person who works to help people with disabilities. She would be so happy to receive this gift.

This was intended as a wedding gift for my ex-husband, so I feel it’s most appropriate to send as a wedding gift for Donna, who just got engaged.



 Cow on parade:

Sandy Bouja:  I want this cow as you can tell from my e-mail address! I have hundreds of cows but don’t have this one! My family thinks it’s gotten out of hand, but I don’t. Every room in my house is decorated with cows, my Golden Retreiver was a cow for Halloween and of course, so was I! I would be so happy to take this cow off your hands!   I love this website! And good for you for getting rid of your clutter. I’ve been working on that lately, too! But not my cows. I love Cows on Parade and don’t have this one. I would give it a revered spot on the shelf with the others. I would feel honored to relieve you of this cow!

I wish I had more cows.  I’d like to give Anna a cow as a reminder of Wisconsin, your home state.  But I think the cow would feel most at “home” with Sandy and all her other bovine friends.  Now we all want to see how your cow collection compares with all the ducks.

  exploding golf ball

Golf explosion:

Coltonhey I am Colton.I am 10 years old.I love to play golf with my uncle is a photographer he takes pictures of tiger woods and other players.I love to pull pranks and I laugh hysterically at jokes one time I laughed for 1 and a half hours straight.So I hope I get it.

Colton: You are the perfect cluttercatcher for this golf ball.  I hope you’ll laugh for at least an hour or two after you watch it explode.


great american lodges

Great American Lodges:

Marilee: I would be interested in having this package. Joe and I have an interest in the great lodges at the National Parks and hope to visit more of them in the future. We had a wonderful DVD about them and a lovely National Park book which was lost in the fire. I also do a project in my classroom about the parks. Also…you would not have to mail it. It would be fun to pick it up and actually see you in person.

I’m giving this to Marilee  in person.  She was my son’s 3rd grade teacher, is now a friend, and without Cluttercast I would never have known she would be happy to get this book.   I’m even happier to give it.


 chinese silk jacket

Chinese silk jacket

Mary: I’d love to have your chinese jacket! It’s the most wonderful shade, most of my clothes are blue, and my eyes are dark blue (extra points for color coordination?)! Give it to me & I’ll send a photo.   Also, I haven’t had a Chinese jacket since a sinophile phase I went through in grade school (jacket, slippers, birthday lunch @ China Row on Cannery Row, making Chinese figurines in ceramics class, reading books set in China …). With your jacket I could relive my youth – how’s that for a reason?!

Mary: I hope you’ll enjoy wearing this jacket and  maybe you’ll have a second Sino-phile phase.   Please check the measurements posted to be sure it’s a size that will fit.




Gold ring with diamonds:

Brenda: I would like to give this ring to my mom, who never asks for anything and gives so much to others. She endured an abusive, sociopathic first husband. Then, she held several jobs to support 4 kids; she always sacrificed for us, and she continues to give everything she has to others. She never asks for anything in return. She is battling bladder cancer and still continues to care for her grandson. Quite simply, I love my mom, and I want her to have something elegant that she can treasure.

Thank you to everyone who voted—you decided that Brenda should have the ring for her mom.

 Cluttercatchers: Please email your address to me at .  Thank you to everyone who commented.

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