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February 20th, 2009
ringThis was meant to symbolize love on Valentine’s Day.  But giving away the ring is confusing—so I’m going to let a vote decide.  Here are the comments:
 I wear a size 6 ring. Or at least I think I do. See, I have known my husband for 30 years this April. We were married 2 years later after we met. We have never had money because I have always been ill and have medical bills. He gave me a saphire ring as an engagement ring. It no longer fits. We were never able to take a honeymoon, or buy a house, or do any of the things “normal” couples do. I always wanted to collect antique jewelry. This ring could be a “start” for me. It could also make me feel as if “all is not lost”.


I would like to give this ring to my mom, who never asks for anything and gives so much to others. She endured an abusive, sociopathic first husband. Then, she held several jobs to support 4 kids; she always sacrificed for us, and she continues to give everything she has to others. She never asks for anything in return. She is battling bladder cancer and still continues to care for her grandson. Quite simply, I love my mom, and I want her to have something elegant that she can treasure.


Mine is a “Cinderfella” story in that my husband was on disability when we courted, fell in love and got engaged almost 23 years ago. I had purchased wedding bands on layaway while a single girl (his and hers matching rings) but my honey couldn’t afford a diamond for me once we met and fell in love. Your sweet and lovely ring looks as though it would match my gold band (especially if a size 6)and give my hand the completed “bridal” look (once my ring is fixed since it had to be cut off at the ER when it got stuck a few years ago!). Thanks for considering my somewhat silly-but-true sweetheart story!


Who gets the ring?

  • Brenda (55%)
  • Ellen (28%)
  • Jann (17%)
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I didn’t offer a choice of giving the ring to charity and I thought I should explain why.

I appreciate all the comments supporting charities.  But it would be impossible for me to choose—one of yours or one of my own.  We all have causes that affect us personally; there are countless charitable organizations that deserve and need our support.   I envisioned Cluttercast as something else. 

Cluttercasting could be considered philanthropy:  because it’s a way to give to others.  I think of it as a new concept in ADDITION to charity; but different.  

A cluttercaster gives away something they no longer need or use.   A cluttercatcher wants something you don’t want anymore.   It’s not a donation; not charity.   You can be both– a cluttercaster and a cluttercatcher.  Such as Headless Mom.

There is  no money involved, other than shipping if appropriate.    Especially for people who hang onto their clutter, knowing it’s going to a specific person can make it easier to let go.     Whether you know the person who gets your item or not,  there is a connection. 

In her comment on the Chinese silk jacket,  maybe Erica said it best:  “Cluttercast is a great way to spread a little positivity out into the universe.”

Thank you for all the comments and for voting.

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  1. bargainmom08
    February 20th, 2009 at 09:54 | #1

    I voted, but like you, had a hard time choosing. Maybe the voting will help you make a good choice out of all the ones you had to choose from. Narrowing it down to 3 from all the ones you got must have been hard, too!! May the person who gets it enjoy it as much as I would have!! I know that it will bring years of pleasure to them.


  2. February 20th, 2009 at 12:52 | #2

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Ironic that you posted this today…I’m posting my next click for clutter later today!


    Vote -1 Reply:

    Headless Mom–You may have lost your head but obviously our minds are in synch.
    Glad you’re cluttercasting again–I’ll link to your blog tomorrow! Thanks.


  1. February 22nd, 2009 at 14:29 | #1